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pre-65 trials frames and ancillaries

Late model reproduction works engine plates.
Sump guard available seperately.
Plates also available to fit pre-unit Triumph twin engine into HT frame.
Please see linked page.

165 sump guard 29.50

AMC trials rigid frame

AMC Trials Rigid Frame

Ground clearance of approx. 8.75" using 30" long forks.
Rear lugs have revised angle and are improved SG castings.
Laminated front and top tubes for added strength.
Please call for more details.


AMC trials springer frame

AMC Trials Springer Frame

Main frame constructed from CDS (cold drawn steel).
Steering head angle to suit standard AJS yokes.
Please call for more details.


AMC trials springer sub-frame

AMC Trials Springer Sub-Frame

Works trials replica.
Also available to suit the Duplex frame.


AMC rear loop

AMC Rear Loop

Works replica
Also suits Velocette and Royal Enfield motorcycles
To suit a 6" mudguard


To suit a 6" mudguard

AJS / Matchless Rack / Carrier for Rigid Frame

Various designs available.
Pressed steel carrier plate.
Please see link.

From 95

AMC trials chainguard

AMC Trials Chainguard

Made from 1.2mm steel or aluminium.
A copy of the works springer guard.

Triumph rack for rigid frame

Pressed steel rack.
Please see link.

Mick Mills Trials Frame side view

Five available
To suit short-stroke BSA unit singles
Please see link

From 975

BSA bantam sprung trials frame

BSA Springer Bantam Trials Frame

A modified front frame with engine plates.
Engine moved left for clean chain run.
As used to build bike pictured on our Home Page page.
Price for Front Section Trials Frame only.


trials sub-frame

BSA Bantam Trials Springer Sub-Frame

A new sub-frame.
19mm diameter with 2mm wall thickness.
Compact design with period styling.
Exhaust bracket to weld on also available.
Various available to suit BSA Bantam and C15, Triumph Tiger Cub and twins.


sub-frame mudguard bracket

sub-frame mudguard bracket

An 'as original' design to provide solid fixing of the rear mudguard.


BSA bantam trials engine plates

BSA Bantam Trials Engine Plates

Move the engine to the left, 8mm, for a clean chain run past rear tyre.
Also raise the engine 25mm for improved ground clearance.
Plates are cranked so no need for unsightly, fiddly spacers

BSA Bantam modified Swinging Arm

A modified Bantam swing arm.
Please see link for more details

From 165

Bantam-Cub trials frame

Bantam-cub Trials Frame

A modified Bantam frame with engine plates.
Engine moved left for clean chain run.
To suit Sports Cub oil tank
A subframe can be supplied to provide your desired head angle


trials footrest plates

Trials Footrest Plates

Can be supplied to suit BSA Bantam and C15 and Triumph Tiger Cub and Twins.
Bolt-on plates to fit any standard frame.

29.50 pr (bare)

BSA bantam rigid trials frame

BSA Rigid Bantam Trials Frame

A new frame.
Engine moved left for clean chain run.
As used to build bike pictured on our About Us page.

BSA Bantam competition footpegs

To suit rigid and plunger frames.
A copy of the original item.
Complete assembly available
Please see link for further details.

Footpegs only: 69.50

BSA bantam d1 headlamp bracket

Bantam D1 Headlamp Bracket

A copy of the original bracket.
Made from 3mm mild steel.


sump guards

BSA OIF Sump Guard

Designed to fit BSA Oil-in-frame singles, C15 and B40 and various AMC machines.
Made from 3mm aluminium or sheet steel.
On OIF bikes due to the snug fit under the crankcases the sump studs need replacing with caphead bolts.


universal trials chainguard

universal trials chainguard

Aluminium guard.
Deep design to help protect chain from mud on rear tyre.


BSA seat brackets

BSA Seat Brackets

Pattern brackets.
Made from 4mm steel.
Different heights offered to achieve the smartest look for your bike.


Please see linked page.


fork top nuts and washers

Fork Top Nuts and Washers

Turned from stainless steel.
To suit BSA C15, B40,B25 and Triumph twins.

29.50 pr

fork servicing spanner

Fork Servicing Spanner

Made from 4mm stainless steel.
To suit BSA C15 forks.
Includes bottom bush, top nut and axle cap sizes.


universal prop stand

Universal Prop Stand

Made from 19mm diameter mild steel.
15" long from under lug to tip of foot.
Includes spring, frame lug and non-ferrous bush.

Kit:49.50 / 75

universal mudguard stays

Mudguard Stays

Made from 12mm diameter aluminium.
Straight length is 350mm from hole centre to end and loop is 390mm from loop centre to end.


To suit 4" x 21" front mudguards requiring the lower stay bracing.

Please see link.


A robust, stainless steel bracket.

Please see link.


SWM / Beta fork bridge

SWM / Beta Fork Bridge

Made from 4mm aluminium.
Width is 150mm, 'height' is 78mm, both being hole centre measurements.
Rise is 26mm.


Montessa front mudguard

montessa front mudguard

Plastic front guard with rivetted on Montessa mudflap.


frame repair sections

manx frame

Various frame lengths and bends can be supplied.
Photo shows three different radii on the manx frame.


Chain tensioner

Chain tensioner

Pad-type stainless steel tensioner.
Specially designed mounting angle to suit large sprocket.


Chain adjusters

Chain adjusters

Various styles available; all stainless steel.
Positive tensioning of your drive chain.

from 15.95