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Controls: including Brake Parts

AMC rear brake drum and plate

AMC Rear Brake Drum and Plate

Sand-cast in LM25 aluminium and then heat-treated.
The drum liner is spun steel
The sprocket to suit is KTM giving a great choice in gearing
Designed to be used with Triumph Tiger Cub brake shoes giving a larger contact area than standard

plate..75 set..195

AMC front brake drum and plate

AMC Front Brake Drum and Plate

To the same specifications as the rear brake

plate..75 set..155

BSA bantam/Triumph tiger cub brake arm

BSA Bantam Brake Arm

Lazer cut from 4mm stainless steel.
Various lengths available in 10mm increments.
The lazer-cut splines give a possible twenty four (24) positions to adjust to.
D1 type available.


BSA bantam/tiger cub curved brake arm

BSA Bantam Rear Brake Arm

Specifications as our straight version although there are obviously fewer number of adjustments available


BSA bantam/tiger cub brake plate anchor

BSA Bantam Brake Plate Anchor

This anchor strap allows a standard plate to be modified into a Sports type brake.
This enables the Bantam/Cub brake plate to fit BSA C15 or Triumph fork sliders.
Right or left handed-turn your brake plate into a left sided one for cleaner cable run.Rivets included.

Universal Rear Brake Pedal

Very versatile trials brake pedal.

Please see link.


stainless steel handlebars

Stainless Steel Handlebars

Stainless steel handlebars can be produced to your specifications.
We use stainless tube with a wall thickness from 1.5mm up to 3mm for our bars.
1" bars can also be supplied

from 32.50