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Steve riding AJS trials bike
Rigid BSA Bantam trials bike
BSA Bantam Triumph Tiger Cub Brake Arms

This enterprise is still really only a glorified hobby; we need to make something for our bikes and so find we can often produce extra items at comparatively low cost. With this in mind please bear with us when ordering parts, we hope to maintain a close dialogue with all customers in respect of delivery times and design advice.

Product Ideas

The aims behind the products we design and supply are to:

To achieve these goals we are using modern materials, where suitable, to arrive at weight saving and/or enhanced performance results.
To keep prices down and enable the builder to customize parts to suit their own bike we are willing to supply some products at various stages of production.
To build the bikes we have made many contacts within the manufacturing and wholesale companies in the industry enabling us to price a great range of products at a competitive rate.

An Example

As an example of our thoughts being carried through see the picture of the BSA Bantam brake arm on the right. The original design is rather rudimentary whereas with our design not only have we improved the appearance (shape and stainless steel material) but also the function (having had the splines cut offering a greater range of adjustment).

Web Site

Over time it is hoped that we can develop an interesting, vibrant web site that will relay infomation to you, not just the basics of listing and displaying what we have on offer, but also tips on how to build your motorcycle.

Any comments you have regarding the site itself should be addressed to Stuart, the webmaster, via the e-mail address, with the subject "web site" please.