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BSA Bantam toolbox

To suit both rigid and plunger frames

British made using press tooling

Only single screw lid boxes and lids now available

complete:90; lid only:30
BSA / Triumph Oil in Frame Seat 3/4 length

3/4 length robust seat

ISDT style with zip in rear also available

To suit oil-in-frame B25, B50, Adventurer etc

From 145
Scrambles Number Board

Pressed from aluminium.

Measuring 290mm by 235mm.

Robust and very smart.

14.95 each or 25.95 for two
Universal Burgess Type Silencer

Sale item.

Please see link for further information.


To suit plunger or with a flat back for rigid frame.

Awaiting chromers - 5 - orders taken 11/06/20

Please see link for further information.

Mick Mills Trials Frame side view

Four now available

To suit short-stroke BSA unit singles

Stop Press: Eligible for the Pre'65 Scottish Two-Day Trial

From 975
Springer BSA Bantam Trials

We offer a great range of parts to help you build your competition or off-road bike, modify your road bike or build an original style motorcycle.

Bikes covered range from AJS rigid machines of the 1950's up to the Honda XL series of the 1980's with many generic pre-65 trials parts and fittings. In particular we can provide all the parts needed to build a Bantam or AMC trials bike rolling chassis, both springer and rigid.

These parts can be supplied at the stage of production to suit you, from a brake plate casting to a finished AMC barrel c/w piston. We can provide self-coloured (bare metal) items or have them powder-coated matt black which is a great base onto which to apply your finish. Different colours can also be powder-coated if you wish.

Many parts are 'bolt-on' straight to your stock motorcycle, eg AMC trials rigid rear frame, and many others only need a bracket fabricated or lug moved. This has been a conscious design decision to help you develop your bike over time and also to retain the period look.

The exhaust range is pretty extensive already; we aim for superior fitment from our mandrel formed pipes and are increasing our range all the time.

To find out more about our bike building ideas please see our About Us page.